Sagittarius venus woman gemini venus man

Venus in Gemini women are witty, clever, and gravitate towards those who have a similar mind. The Venus in Gemini loves exploring the mind and learning about what other people think while at the same time, making people laugh and gossiping are two of their favorite activities.

This makes the relationship fun and exciting. A Venus in Gemini will avoid people who are set in their ways, non-stimulating conversations, negative attitudes, being emotionally vulnerable, and anything that requires the same routine. Venus in Gemini loves to share ideas and needs lots of space. They try to win over people they are interested in by displaying their knowledge on topics.

They are not necessarily afraid to commit to relationships, but there is a thought that a better option is out there which tends to linger in their mind. As the Venus in Gemini ages, trust in the choices that are made regarding friends and partners builds and commitment can be made. Venus in Gemini analyzes each situation as it's presented and goes over the details repeatedly before giving a response. This can make it seem like the Venus in Gemini is hiding something but being certain before speaking is just how they operate.

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Those that want to attract a Venus in Gemini must be able to get the laughter roaring. Venus in Gemini is a natural comedienne but engaging playfully will grab their attention. Dates should be kept fresh and flexible. Those that are into trying new experiences or are ready to switch plans at the drop of a hat will certainly get the attention of a Venus in Gemini. Due to the clever nature of the Gemini, going on dates that involve learning something new can also be a great way to get closer to them.

Keeping the Venus in Gemini stimulated through intellect is something that will need to be done, not just through the courtship, but throughout the relationship itself. The Venus in Geminis will flirt with others even while in a relationship but will not cross the line and cheat.

They do this more out of fun because of their sociable nature. The Venus in Gemini men is charming, witty, sociable, playful, and non-possessive. On the downside, they can be unfaithful, immature at times, unemotional, and superficial. The Venus in Gemini also likes to keep up with the latest trends and fashions.

Engaging in conversations about the latest gossip will also pique their interests. The Venus in Gemini sometimes is non-committal because they like to explore all the possible options before making a choice.

This can come across as a player behavior because Venus in Gemini will flirt with many, have many lovers, and is easily distracted. When a Venus in Gemini is in love, the patterns that are displayed are different. They are attracted to those who are clever, spontaneous, and flexible.These signs are opposite, and with respect to zodiac compatibility, opposite signs are considered the natural partners for each other. On the other hand, while their relationship may be lively and fun, this combination may have the most difficulty with a long-term commitment.

Even though they are opposites, in many ways, they act very much alike, particularly with respect to relationships.

sagittarius venus woman gemini venus man

As strange as these type of relationships may seem to other signs, they are likely to work for a Gemini man and Sagittarius woman.

He stores these bits of trivia in his head like a collection, and he takes them out in conversation allowing him to talk intelligently with almost anyone. One of his biggest fears is boredom. He was always in search of something new. For this reason, it is hard for him to commit to a relationship with just one person. From the outside observer, it is hard to see how these signs are, in fact, opposite.

They really are very different, though. A Gemini man is Air, and so he operates in the realm of thought. He gets his excitement through talking and learning.

A Sagittarius woman, on the other hand, is Fire. She operates in the realm of action.

The Influence Of Venus In Love Relationships

She gets her excitement by going somewhere or doing something. She certainly does not want to be tied to a man who is going to tell her where she should go or what she should do. For her to settle down with someone, she has to believe that she can have more adventures and more freedom with him than without him. It is very common for Sagittarius women to travel a lot, and so she has lots of stories about different places and people from different cultures.

Sagittarius is also the sign of the philosopher, so she will have interesting thoughts and ideas as well. He will be able to talk with her much longer than he can with most people because she has so many interesting experiences to share with him. She is not as subject to pride as the other Fire Signs, Ares and Leo, but she still appreciates being admired. His attention will inspire her to tell more stories and to pontificate about her philosophical ideals.

Their dates will be a whirlwind of activity. A Sagittarius woman will want to go many places and try many things, and a Gemini man will be happy to follow along. There will not be much in the way of romantic conversations or terms of endearment, but a Sagittarius woman has little interest in these things anyway.

As in every other area of their life together, the sexual activities between a Gemini man and a Sagittarius woman will be lively and adventurous. Both of them will like to try many different things in the bedroom, and their love life will be anything but boring. Even if it does last a long time, it is very possible that they will never marry.

The Venus in Sagittarius Woman: Get to Know Her Better

If this couple do settle down to a marriage or a long-term partnership without the bonds of marriage, the relationship may not be exclusive. As soon as she starts to feel the least bit confined, Sagittarius woman will get restless and want to move on. Many signs would have trouble with an open relationship, but a Gemini man and Sagittarius woman may indeed be happy with such an arrangement. If they are exclusive to one another, the only way that they both will manage to stay faithful is if they do a lot together, preferably traveling to many different places.

For a Sagittarius woman, in particular, the thought of having children may seem terribly confining. If they do have children, the success of their parenting will depend in large part upon the type of children that they have. They will provide their children with plenty of experiences and expose them to many different ideas. Children of Earth Signs or Water Signs, however, may struggle with the lack of security and consistency that these parents will be able to give them.

It is hard to imagine that a Gemini man and a Sagittarius woman would get much work done when they are together.Venus represents love, sensuality, romance, beauty, affection and social appeal.

Its placement in your natal chart provides insight into what you are attracted to in a partner as well as what type of person is attracted to you. Use the following guide to determine your love nature and find out how to attract a man based on his Venus sign characteristics. The Venus in Aries individual attracts love by being confident, spontaneous and bold. Both males and females of this Venus sign enjoy the chase involved during courtship and become even more persistent when the object of his or her affection plays hard to get.

The person who has Venus in Aries enjoys making the first move in a love relationship.

Venus in Sagittarius Man In Love – His Traits and Characteristics

Mars, the ruling planet of Aries, rules beginnings so this person is particularly exciting during the beginning stages of a relationship; he or she has a lot of passion and loves adventure. The man who has Venus in Aries is attracted to women who are assertive, feisty and free-spirited. His ideal woman is energetic and independent.

He needs a woman who has her own interests and is not too dependent on him. The man who has Venus in Taurus tends to be attracted to women who are sweet, feminine and affectionate.

Venus in Gemini

This man wants a real woman — voluptuous curves, tantalizing perfume, and all. He likes women who are calm and easy-going. A woman who is sensual and demonstrative is also particularly attractive to this type of man. The Venus in Taurus male does not want a woman who is too energetic or independent and prefers a woman he can relax with. He also tends to be attracted to women who have a pleasant, melodic and soothing voice. He needs a woman who can cater to all of his sensual needs and he is always prepared to return the favor.

This person lives in a romantic fantasy world and tends to idealize the partner, refusing to acknowledge his or her faults. The Venus in Pisces individual is easily hurt and tends to retreat at the first sign of disapproval or rejection.

He or she often lacks self-confidence and prefers to be pursued. The man who has Venus in Pisces tends to attract women who are romantic and emotional. A woman who is sensitive and passive is also especially appealing to this man. He is drawn to ultra-feminine or old-fashioned females who appear innocent and demure. He responds to women who are compassionate, caring and selfless, possibly a woman who works in a service-oriented field, such as a nurse or counselor.

An intriguing or mysterious female is also considerably appealing to this man. The Venus in Pisces male is likely to become involved in a secret love affair during his lifetime. The influence of Venus is an important factor in love relationships because its placement determines how a person expresses affection as well as how he or she attracts a partner.

Of course, the sun sign and other zodiac planets in an astrology chart alter the Venus sign characteristics slightly, so take these factors into consideration when studying the influence of Venus.

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The Venus in Sagittarius women are thrilled by the prospect of expanding their field of knowledge by adventuring through the world. They want to learn as much as possible, to travel the endless avenues of human possibility, of tapping into their hidden potential. And they do this by being free-spirited, action-oriented individuals who are the very definition of unpredictability, spontaneity, and impulsivity. Their optimism and bright outlook on life attract the kind of partners who have well-defined plans for the future, and who entertain many ideas.

No party can ever reach its peak without having a Venus in Sagittarius woman there to spice things up. A perfect relationship is one going forward, toward the future, not a stagnant one.

She wants to try everything, to experiment with all that the world has to offer, and there are so many things uncovered that they may become obsessed. Almost all of the women born with Venus in Sagittarius are single until a certain period of their lives.

This happens because they want a relationship to be constructed on their own principles and ideas. The base must be freedom, independence, open-minded approaches, the spirit of adventure and unorthodox methods.

Even though it would be significantly more entertaining to have someone alongside them, they can do it alone just fine. Usually trusting toward people, he will immediately abandon all kindness and generosity if he is betrayed. You should know from the start that this woman will never be very romantic and clingy, nor will she depend on you to make her happy.

sagittarius venus woman gemini venus man

In a relationship, she will not condone any attempts to destroy her freedom. This enthusiastic and impulsive woman will jump from relationship to relationship, and diversify her romantic interests a lot, just to find the perfect man for her.

She wants a partner with the same curiosity and thirst for knowledge, someone who knows that there is much to the world left to be discovered, and he should want to discover it all.

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This woman is very direct and spontaneous even with her feelings, in the sense that she can quickly fall in head over heels for someone, at just the first sight. She then becomes capable of any compromise and sacrifice for her loved one.

She will want to make her partner happy with her, satisfied with their life together, and see him fulfilled. With each new set of jogging sessions, she becomes even more apt to take on the world, and she exudes an air of outgoing individual. She inspired people, and she brings joy back into a gloomy setting. In fact, diversity is the name of the game in her case.

She can be a very elegant and formal woman one day, dressed all serious and conforming to the rules of society. Creative, imaginative, and bold enough to take on any challenge, they create their own styles based on experimentation.

Pay attention to what you say and allow them to do whatever they want. Denise is an experienced practitioner of astrology, interested to discover and share with everyone how astrology can inspire and change lives.

She is the Editor in Chief at The Horoscope. Menu i. Search Search for: Search. The Venus in Sagittarius woman in a nutshell: Positives: Open-minded and approachable; Negatives: Flirtatious and cynical; Soulmate: Someone who is entertaining and independent; Life lesson: Should bend less her principles. Search for: Search.Here one moment and gone the next, the free-spirited Venus in Sagittarius man craves adventure, expanding thought, and new experiences.

Venus is our love planet, so this guy may seem like a tough one to catch, but it is quite the opposite really. The man with his Venus in Sagittarius is extremely loyal and committed to his friends, family, and partner- he relishes his freedom and wants a partner who can be as spontaneous as him. He is energetic, enthusiastic, uplifting, and dynamic. The man with this Venus placement is full of life and vitality. His perfect mate is like him: optimistic, energetic, interesting, and sociable.

The man with this zodiac sign needs someone who values freedom and taking risks in life. While the man with his Venus in Sagittarius does not aim to be a steamroller, it would help him greatly to slow down once in a while, take in a deep breath, and just take time to smell the roses. The Venus in Sagittarius man is adventurous and philosophical, he thinks and acts in new and exciting ways that push the boundaries.

While not always pushy himself, he needs to explore new frontiers because that is what Sagittarius is here to do. Since his Venus is in Sagittarius, this will translate over to exploration with love and money-making ventures. Chances are he will travel and take trips around the world for his work and with his lover, sometimes at the drop of a dime. You might find a man with this, or any Sagittarius placement laid up in a hospital room next to an Aries, both with broken limbs.

The only difference is the Sagittarius man will think it is less funny and will more than likely learn something from the incident. Venus in Sagittarius men may be the bad boy types, which those around him think is cool and attracts many people. The man seems to do what he wants when he wants. He makes it look cool and effortless, none of it seems forceful. People like to be around the Sagittarius man because he is uplifting.

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There is never a dull moment with him, and spirits are never down. It is only when he acts too abruptly or takes off on one of his unplanned journeys that you are left scratching your head in bewilderment. This is because men with Sagittarius placements can be unpredictable.

In terms of Venus, he can be this way with his lover, which is refreshing, but it can also be painful to others. It would benefit this man to slow down occasionally and take stock of his life and the people in it before making rash decisions. While spontaneity can certainly make romance interesting and fun, it is negative when it hurts others. While philosophical, the Venus in Sagittarius man is not a serious man, he likes to take things lightly.

He is attracted to someone who appears to be as free as he is, someone with a large social circle who just seems to move about and experience new and exciting things for their career or just in general. In most ways, the Sagittarius needs someone who is like him: energetic, outgoing, adventurous, and full of life.

Even if he is not an artist himself, men with this placement are often attracted to extroverted artistic types, sometimes these people have a bit of an edge around them. Mysterious but not reserved. He is not one for deep emotions or for over-analyzing love. He would rather not get into the technicalities and just wants to take things as they come.

Some Venus signs look for security in love, the Sagittarius Venusian man is the direct opposite of that and people like this only chase him away. The Venus in Sagittarius man is drawn to people who are free of attachments and hang-ups.

He likes partners who have a casual yet fun approach to love. For him, romance is just another exciting adventure to embark on. He may sound like a player, but he is hardly that. Although popular, when he is committed to someone, he is extremely loyal- just do not attempt to push him into it because it will not work.Venus Gemini guys and gals delight in word salads, novelty, and mischief.

They can be excitement junkies, which is good to know if you wish to attract one. You'll remember that Venus is a symbol of how one loves, and is loved.

It also paints the portrait of the ideal lover. Gemini in love is playful, entertaining and has a light hold. Is Gemini your Venus sign? Look for the Venus symbol the mirror on your birth chart. Here's how airy, changeable mutable Venus Gemini matches with other Venus signs. Venus Aries is a straight-shooter and has a passionate intensity.

That's too much for Venus Gemini, whose very nature is to be zig-zaggy and easy breezy. If Aries suspects being played by Gemini's mind games, it can set off some alarms. Still, these signs form a sextile, and both know how to party, have adventures and laugh together into the night.

Will Venus Gemini ever sink into the moods of relaxation that Taurus craves? The high-strung social butterfly that is Gemini meets a homebody here. It's hard to get languid Taurus moving, and restless Gemini finds that maddening. But fresh ideas get Taurus out of inertia, and Gemini learns the art of doing nothing.

sagittarius venus woman gemini venus man

A pair that can finish each other's sentences! As long as there's more to learn, friends to see, and personalities to entertain, boredom is kept at bay. The troubles start if responsibilities crowd in, and one of the two has to grow up.

There are four lovers in this relationship, doubling the drama and the fun. The sentimentality of Venus Cancer makes Gemini nervous and keeps them wondering about expectations. The loose lips of Gemini can hurt Cancer without meaning to, and resentment builds. The Crab wants to build a cozy nest, but Gemini starts to feel like a caged bird. All is lost if insecurities spiral out of control.Venus Sagittarius loves being free to act on the impulse of the moment.

Venus in Leo Compatibility with other Venus signs (PART 1)

Many are happy singletons, who have lots of friends, some with benefits. The Archer lover is very physical, curious, and adventurous. They are turned off by cynicism but are themselves known to make wry, often insightful comments. They are attracted to authenticity, honesty and a vigorous love for life. Even if this is a short-lived affair, it'll be thrilling and memorable. Both of you are high energy and spontaneous fire signs, for carrying on into the night. Venus Aries is fully candid and has a take me or leave me attitude, that's a turn on for Venus Sagittarius.

Some conflicts come up when the Archer lover doesn't see the Ram romancer as the end all, be all. The Sagittarius desire to keep things open messes with Aries' ego, and might be a deal breaker.

The latter is roused to jealousy and may for a time, enjoy chasing after Venus Sagittarius. But if it begins to look futile, the Ram backs off, as they don't tolerate unrequited love for too long. Sagittarius and Taurus are signs with a strong physical presence, strong libidos, and indulgent natures. Life is an adventure, but Taurus is slow and a planner, while Sagittarius leaps before they look. This goes wrong quickly, if true to type, Sagittarius is in it just for fun, and Taurus is looking for something enduring.

The initial attraction is strong, as both are lusty lovers. The Taurus lover is more touchy, though, and might find the Sagittarius lover too quick to rush to the deed.

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Taurus is all about the sensual and dwells on touch and intimacy both before and after. The jumpy Sagittarius is at odds with the chill Taurus, and that makes this a challenging match. Though they're opposite signs of the Zodiac, Gemini and Sagittarius are both buzzy and curious.

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